Walmart’s New Layaway Plan – How Does It Work?

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Are you looking for Walmart 2017 layaway? Get the details for how Walmart layaway works, fees and conditions, and what products are included.

The 2017 Walmart layaway has started and runs through December 11, 2017, in stores.

Readers have been asking about Walmart’s new layaway plan.

Customers can put items as low as $10 on layaway with a $50 minimum basket and will have until December 11th to pay off their account.

What you can put on Layaway at Wal-mart:

  • Electronics (without service plans)
  • Toys
  • Small Appliances
  • Large Furniture
  • Auto Electronics
  • Sporting Goods (select items)
  • Jewelry
  • Infant Toys
  • Infant Furniture

Layaway is not available on November 23rd (Thanksgiving).

Here are some of the features:

No opening fee
Only put down $10 or 10%, whichever is greater
You have 90 days to pay for your layaway and must pick up your items and pay for them by 12/11.
Items must be $10+ and the total purchase must be at least $50.

Available in-store only, not online.

Walmart Layaway

Layaway is available in stores during the holiday season. Certain store locations offer layaway year-round for jewelry purchases only. Layaway is not offered for online purchases.

How Wal Mart layaway works:

  • There’s no opening fee
  • Down payment is $10 or 10%, whichever is greater

Here is the Walmart layaway information from their website. Get more information including rules, watch-outs, exclusions, and rules.

The rules:

  • Minimums – Individual items must be $10 or greater. Total purchases must be $50 or greater
  • Terms – Final payment and pickup must be made on or before December 12 at the same store layaway was initiated (or order will be canceled). Excludes wireless phones that require contracts.
  • Cancellation – If the account is canceled, items will be returned to inventory. Down payment and payments made will be refunded, less a $10 cancellation fee. Cancellation fee does not apply in Ohio, Maryland, Rhode Island, or District of Columbia.
  • Returns – Walmart Returns Policy applies to all layaway transactions.

Pickup & Pay:

  • Location – Layaway is initiated at the Pickup Desk. Payments can be made at any register including the Pickup Desk. Upon final payment, customers may be asked to pick up Layaway merchandise at a separate location such as the Garden Center.


  • In stores only (not available for online purchases)
  • Available for Electronics, Toys, Infant Toys, Infant Furniture, Small Appliances, Large Furniture, Auto Electronics, Select Sporting Goods, and Jewelry
  • Excludes wireless phones that require contracts.
  • Layaway not available on Thursday, November 23rd.

See your local Walmart store’s service desk for more details.

Christmas layaway at Walmart What Can Be Put On Layaway?

Look for the layaway tag in stores on eligible items.

Using layaway wisely can help you to save money and time and take the guesswork out of holiday spending.

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Also Buckle stores offer layaway.

I’m glad Walmart brought it back. I remember the year that it ended. I ran into a friend from high school and college. She was at Walmart putting everything she could on layaway before it ended.


Being an older University student this gives my husband and I a chance to give my children a christmas they deserve. Last year was heartbreaking when they only had a few presents and the presents weren’t even what they wanted. Being on a tight budget did not allow us to do that but with this layaway plan we can afford to get everything they want and put a fraction of the price down every pay day 🙂


yes Theresa, I was happy to see Walmart bring this back. I hope you will continue to follow Hraam. I love to find free or practically free things that we can stash away for gift giving. I love to give gifts and I can’t let that bust my budget, so I buy them throughout the year when I see a great deal. I also love to grab these freebies to give away and donate. Blessings to you and your family, Lori


yeah I am glad they r bringing back layaway for Christmas being a self employed person from September to January is always slow and sometimes hard to buy my children what they are asking for at Christmas also my son was born on Christmas eve and with layaway back Ill be able to get him a couple more thing… thanks

Vivian Stahlhut

Big Lots offers layaway, but they call it Price Hold. It is layaway for certain items like their furniture, couchs, recliners, tables, etc.


walmart should leave the layaway department running all year it opens up more jobs and allows customers a chance to get for their children in these hard times that we are all in no matter what their finances are. walmart is one of the top retail company running if those smaller can do this for the people why can’t they. sam walton was for the people and did what he could to help his associates and customers wonder what he is thinking of his company and it’s leaders now

Sherry F.

When I went to walmarts layaway line it was empty. Some of us spend our money on things that are useful like clothes and coats. They only take toys and electronics. and they have to be a certain price for an item. You still have the best for shopping Walmart but you’re going to lose it because of the layaway department.. Kmart still has it going on in the layaway department. Better watch it walmart you just might lose out.


So long as I put fifty dollars worth of “stuff” on faraway, I don’t think it should matter the cost of an item! My grandkids are not that old and don’t need a lot of expensive toys!


What about cribs, baby bedding, carseats and strollers or is the layaway only for toys and electronics?


Linda, the Walmart layaway is only for the items mentioned-not baby items. However you can layaway almost anything at Kmart including baby items, online or in stores with no fees at all. It is a very flexible and comprehensive program. Hope that helps you, Lori.


Thanks for your comments. You may want to try Kmart for your layaway. They are offering layaway for all items and are not charging a fee. All my best, Lori


What about clothing?


no Kris, Walmart does not include clothing in the layaway program, but Kmart does.


Our Walmart has signs up saying Layaway starts August 28th, 2015. It ends in the middle of December, can’t remember the exact date. But they’re advertising it now.


I have used Walmart’s layaway in the past and was glad to see that it is back again this year. That being said, I wish that they would rethink their $10.00 minimum per item rule. My grandson is 4 and wants smaller items too that are $3 to $7 each. I can understand a minimum total purchase price but not the per item. I think that they would find that they would have more people take advantage of layaway. Plus, some people who have 3 or 4 children (or more) maybe can only afford a few $5.00 per child and this is not beneficial to them.


im wondering if Walmart or kmart is better for layaway? I am a single mom on a very tight budget, doesn’t really need clothes but I was looking at more like a bike, scooter, ps3 and toys maybe some bedroom stuff?


great question! If you have a Kmart nearby, and can combine that with a free Shop Your Way account (go here to sign up and I can help you to navigate the site) You will get free point offers, earn points on your purchases, and I will send you extra coupons. My readers really save all year long. Once we are connected at Shop Your Way, you can send me a private message and I will help you to find the lowest prices for your gifts. I love to do this for my readers!


I was going to put a heated mattress pad $38 and boots $29 for my daughter in layaway and couldn’t because WalMart said they were not allowed. It’s great if you only want to put toys in for kids but for the older ones, these (needed) items is what I wanted to pay on. Bad business and very rude manager.


When does the Christmas layaway for Walmart start this year 2016? They usually have signs up by now in store and on the site but I have yet to see any..any info would be great. Thanks!


Any word on the 2916 layaway? I heard 2 Sept, but I haven’t seen anything! Thanks!


I heard the same thing but unconfirmed so far. I plan to call a few stores this week and see if they can tell me.


Layaway starts Sept 2, 2016 for customers.


Layaway starts Sept. 2 2016…it was posted at my walmart on the ready to do some Christmas shopping lol…seen a lot of new stuff for my 19 month old I wanna get!!


definetly need to bring back walmart layaway. especialy for people that are not able to pay total price at one time. it will be easier for them to make payments. hopefully yall can bring it back.


ARE they going to price match for layaway


great question Max- I am going to find out here and report back.


How many of you have kids no matter what age that like the adult coloring books? Well I have two that like Harry Potter and I was going to put two different Harry Potter coloring books on layaway with other toys and they said it wasn’t toys but stationery. Both books were for 11.99 a piece. I was also told that a 3d design kit could not be put on layaway because they were not toys but I picked them up from the toy department. Funny thing is I already had one in layaway. I was also told that I could take something out that I didn’t want and I could also add to my préxisting one. Nope no one knew how to do it . Sure wish we still had a Kmart. Ours closed about two years ago.


Cynthia, you can still do a Kmart layaway online and in many cases, have the items shipped to you. They started their one penny down layaway for 2016 yesterday.

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