Temples, churches, monasteries. History through architecture.

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Chronochroscope or gathering everything together

I know that the site is poor. It was made a long time ago. It was thought that someone would be interested, it turned out - no. Therefore, he remained in the form of moronic, which was originally created. However, here it is convenient to post my opuses here, which I occasionally do. Now I am starting to slowly lay out the ready chapters of the "Chronochronoscope". As usual, each chapter will be presented here as a separate picture. Materials in the "pdf" format and are designed for reading in two-page mode. But this mode is available only after downloading. So my advice: "Before use - download!" Your feedback and suggestions, if they arise, you can send to CLOAKING

"one. Preliminary Notice

“2. The origins of Russian stone architecture »

“3. Mr. Novgorod the Great ”

"four. State of Andrei Bogolyubsky "

"five. Pskov harmony "

“6. Moscow was not built in a day"

“7. Italian Suite

"eight. From principality to kingdom "

"9. Monastic structure in Russia "

"ten. Monasteries of the North

"eleven. Godunov Classicism 1585-1605 "

"12. New Dynasty "

"13. Tsar and Patriarch "

"14. Yaroslavl Symphony

"15. Rostov Renaissance "

"sixteen. The heyday of posad architecture "

“17. From the patterns to the baroque "

"18. Apotheosis and extinction of Naryshka baroque "

"nineteen. Stroganov Baroque "

"20. Wooden architecture"

“21. European Baroque "

“22. Ukrainian Baroque "