Temples, churches, monasteries. History through architecture.

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Mountains and people

And the mountains stand before him in the way,
And he begins to crawl through the mountains,
And the mountains are getting higher, and the mountains are getting steeper,
And the mountains go to the very clouds!

K. I. Chukovsky, “Aibolit”

The temples are man-made beauty, but here I would like to show the already miraculous beauty of nature.
All these photos were taken by “Change” and “Zenith” on the most ordinary Soviet film “Svema” and only at the end appeared the film “Fuji” or “Kodak” (and even that of amateur quality). It took quite a few years and these films bloomed in different colors, scratched, faded and so on. Why am I saying this? In addition, even a good scanner, which I have used for the last two years, sometimes could not draw anything but noise. Therefore, most of the staff had to undergo a thorough revision in the Shoppe, so do not seek for quality.