Temples, churches, monasteries. History through architecture.

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Photo Monasteries of Armenia

Temples, Churches and Monasteries of Armenia

Yes! You put on the edge
Two different, arguing worlds,
And in the depths of native legends
You hear the echoes of centuries.

All the storms, all the worries of the world,
Flying touched you wing
And the thunder of deaf campaigns of Cyrus,
And Alexandra swear thunder.

Often you have been tending storms
Like whirlwinds — the gentle color of spring, -
At Chingiz-hane, Lengtimure,
With the dark triumph of the moon,

But, —warry-resistant, —below
Your spirit is not inferior to fate;
Two worlds around him for good reason
Boiled, mixed in the fight ...

From Valery Bryusov's poem "To the Armenians"

Armenia is an amazing country. If you have not been there yet, then this must be done. Armenia is a diverse and unique nature, ancient monasteries, and most importantly - hospitable people, not spoiled by civilization!

True, there are no five-star hotels, and in order to feel the aroma of Armenia, it is better to travel in a wild way, which is not for everyone. But whoever dares, he will not regret.

And also watch the clips! Photographs, especially of a smaller format, still cannot be compared with a full-screen high-quality video film filled with motion, music and voice accompaniment.

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