Temples, churches, monasteries. History through architecture.

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Photos of temples, churches, monasteries

The section presents samples of digital photographs of religious architecture - temples, monasteries, churches, located in various parts of Russia, Ukraine, Armenia.

You can simply look through the pages devoted to different territories, historical epochs, architectural styles, or you can find quite practical application and select suitable works for various purposes - illustration of books, use in booklets, calendars and other printing products; web design, photo printing and the like. You can simply give photos to friends or relatives, create a home or office photo gallery, download photos for digital photo frames.

The originals of photos give the possibility of high-quality printing in large format. Different pictures may have their maximum size, so when ordering, it is necessary to note the requirements for images (size, dpi).

In some sections there are articles containing different information on the topic and around it. And where they are not yet, they will appear a little later.




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