Temples, churches, monasteries. History through architecture.

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Books Travels in Armenia

Travels in Armenia

Armenia 2009

I first visited Armenia in 2009. 15 days allowed to see a lot. Traveling by hitchhiking, my wife and I drove from North Armenia to Karabakh, stopping for the night every time in a new monastery. I told (and showed) how it was happening in the notes “Window to Armenia”. Here you can read them online.
“1. Window to Armenia. Part 1

“1. Window to Armenia. Part 2

“1. Window to Armenia. Part 3

Armenia 2013

This is a brief description of my trip to Armenia, made in the form of diary entries with a large number of photos. It turned out something from the series "what I see, I sing." To some it will give an idea of ​​this amazing country, but I just want to share my impressions, which are always in abundance after a trip to Armenia. Each of the 16 chapters of the book (by the number of days) is presented here as a separate picture. Reading or viewing is carried out online in a separate window.

"one. The first day"

“2. Second day"

“3. Day Three

"four. Day four"

“3. Day Five

“6. Day Six

“7. Day Seven

"eight. Day Eight

"9. Day Nine

"ten. Day Ten

"eleven. Day Eleventh

"12. Day Twelve

"13. Day Thirteen

"14. Day fourteen

"15. Day fifteen

"sixteen. Day Sixteen