Temples, churches, monasteries. History through architecture.

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PHOTO AND VIDEO: temples, churches, monasteries ...

Travel, history, architecture

Here you will find Photomusical slide films on the themes of history, architecture, travel, and just all sorts of sketches. On the "Video" page you can download any slide film for yourself, so that you can take a look at it on your computer and add your children to the useful viewing.

If you have a tendency to travel, then perhaps our materials will help you choose a new object to satisfy your interest.

For students and schoolchildren, they can assist in writing an essay, and the history teacher can serve as a visual aid in the classroom, especially musical slide films.

Or maybe you want to give a gift to a loved one - a separate photo, a selection of photos for an electronic frame on his favorite city or for a festive date (Easter, Christmas ...). Make a order - and we will quickly execute it.

Most of the pictures are of quite good quality to print photos of a large and even very large size, for example, to use them as an advertising banner or, say, for decorating a cafe.

We are ready to cooperate with publishers, providing photographic material for illustrations in books, albums, magazines.

Finally, you can use our photos to decorate offices, organize exhibitions and in general to fill in any empty surfaces, because all the images presented here - objects of religious architecture and subjects on the theme of nature - harmonize space and have a positive effect on health.

Video clips