Homemade Heating Pad

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This Homemade Heating Pad is so easy to make. You can whip one up to give as a gift, but be sure and make an extra one for yourself.

I spend much of my day typing on a keyboard and I do not have the best posture so I get sore shoulders and neck muscles daily. Most days, mine is draped over  my neck while I work.

Are you looking for easy instructions to make a homemade heating pad? They make a great gift or for yourself to ease your aches and pains.

This heating pad is filled with whole flax seeds which give a moist heat and hold up to many, many uses.  Simply pop it in the microwave for 45 seconds and place on your aching neck or whatever is hurting.  

Homemade Heating Pad


  • fabric – I used 2 patterns.  Size will vary based on how big you want the heating pad.  I used 2 pieces. 6″ x 21″
  • sewing machine and thread
  • scissors
  • whole flax seeds – approximately 1 1/4 pound for the heating pad I made.
  • funnel or something to use for a funnel

sew a Homemade Heating Pad DIY steps


Begin by cutting your fabric into two equal size pieces.  I used two different patterns and cut the pieces approximately 6″ x 21″.

make a Homemade Heating Pad

Next, turn the two pieces of fabric so they outside of the fabric is facing together.  Use the sewing machine to sew the two pieces together leaving a small seam around the edge.  Leave an opening approximately 2″ wide at one end.

Turn the fabric right side out.

Measure and mark your heating pad into four equal size segments.  Use the sewing machine to sew two lines across the fabric where the segments are marked.  Do NOT sew all the way across or you will be unable to fill the heating pad.  Leave approximately 1″ at each side.  This will allow the flax to flow into each section.

Homemade Heating Pad using flax DIY

Use the funnel to gradually add the flax seed to the bag.  I added about 1/2 cup to a time and worked it into the sections before adding more.  Add enough flax seed to loosely fill each section.  If they are too full they will be stiff and not as comfortable to use.

When the bag is full, tuck the opening in and sew across the end of the heating pad.

Make sure that the sections are evenly filled and sew a line all the way across between each section (in between the 2 dividing lines you added earlier).  This will keep the flax seed from shifting around between sections.

Homemade Heating Pad sewing steps

When you are feeling achy or need to ease some stress, simply heat this beautiful heating pad in the microwave and use!

Tie a ribbon around this Homemade Heating Pad and give it as a gift.  Who wouldn’t love to receive this!

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My shoulders and neck are sore from the computer use also. That heating pad would be nice to have. Thanks for the tutorial.

JJ Keist

My sister-in-law makes these with raw rice soaked in either lavender oil it cinnamon oil. I love mine!

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