Temples, churches, monasteries. History through architecture.

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about the project Tatyana Prokofieva


Mother project Tatiana TATYANA PROKOFIEVA, inspirer: “We have already given birth and raised children to our family. It is time to give birth to creative projects. One of them just became this site. Since she is now the youngest in the family, she needs a lot of attention. We have to motherly her to patronize, feed and care.

I haven’t tried anything in my life. I climbed in the mountains - first with my husband, then my own groups drove. It was great, and in many respects determined the character and ability to overcome all sorts of different obstacles, peaks and passes.

The first education is a technical (programmer of the last millennium). Then there was an attempt to study religious studies, but she did not complete it, she transferred to the psychological faculty and graduated with success. For some time engaged in business psychology. Then a wave of interest in Chinese culture and tradition was captured, and its Chinese teapot, the Heavenly Flute, appeared. It was an interesting project, he lived for five years, and, having completed his life cycle, was covered up. After that there were still many different interesting activities, but all of them were united by one sphere - informational.

Now I am the editor-in-chief of the Internet encyclopedia of the production center Roiber, which deals with the issues of “growing up” Internet projects. This largely helps to get used to the role of the “mother” of our project, providing a kind of “school of young parents”.

I am interested in doing what I do. I hope that our “child”, a photo and video studio of churches, temples, monasteries, will successfully grow, develop and realize its creative potential to the joy of not only our family, but also numerous visitors.

We are always happy to listen to the wishes of a benevolent viewer, and as far as possible we will try to fulfill them. ”