Temples, churches, monasteries. History through architecture.

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Sergey Prokofiev SERGEY PROKOFIEV, our son and webmaster. It provides the look and feel of the site and thus participates in the creation and maintenance of the site

Sergey is a diverse and creative personality. The main work is computer and web design. Among the hobbies - music (such a combination of the name and the name got, how is it without music?), Photography, design, sports.

He also makes bamboo flutes (xiao, diji, shakuhachi, bansuri, ken, etc.), and does them well. As soon as he does, he immediately plays. He likes vargans and vargan installations, throat singing and generally playing instruments of various nationalities like djembe, udu, shamanic and non-shaman tambourines; He does not even think of a day without good Chinese tea, loves the sea and a lot of other things that a young, healthy, happy person enjoys life.

Sporting interest is bocking. This is a very young kind of extreme sports, jumping on jumpers, jumping devices for flying over reality.

From Sergey: I apologize, of course - too lazy to write something about myself. But if it seems to you that something is wrong on the site or something can be improved - report it right away! In this case, laziness will be ruthlessly overcome, and the site will be better. Address right above.
If you please to be interested in the manufacture or mastering of the flute, I ask here: