Temples, churches, monasteries. History through architecture.

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About the project “History through architecture”




Thousands of author photos и dozens of videos, thematic collections for exhibition displays, home and office galleries, useful and informative e-books - all this and much more is the subject of this site. Not all materials available in our archives are placed on the pages of the site. We will gradually complement the sections so that our visitors will be interested to come back here.

Main idea built on the study of the history of our state through an interest in ecclesiastical, religious architecture. Churches were built in Russia, starting from the X century, and are still being built. Already one of their appearance carries information about the time and the people who built them. But this is only the visible part of the iceberg. After all, if you think about it, then the life of each member of the church community was closely connected with the temple, all the most significant events of his life - birth, wedding and death. He came here to ask for blessings for any important undertaking, he was escorted to war from here and celebrated holidays here. And so it was all over the country - that is, the temple was the center of attraction, both for the peasant and for the city dweller.

Main temples Russia and Russia often absorb important and fateful events for the country. This and the temple St. Basil the Blessed, and the temple Christ the Savior in Moscow and the temple Savior on the Blood In Petersburg...

In addition to the fact that any temple is a capacious and multi-valued symbol, it is like a magnet, it attracted people and events to itself, and by and large the whole history of Russia-Russia could be extracted from the atmosphere of its temples, saturated with thousands of vibrations of parishioners. Just for now we do not know how. Therefore, we use photographs of temples as landmarks of the historical path of our country, and this forms the basis of our project. “History through architecture”.

In section "Photo" You can read the presented photographic material and an article on the topic (some articles are still in the process of writing). In section "Video"There are fragments of films created on the basis of photographs taken in photo expeditions and collected in the process of studying the subject of historical material. Films are collected in a series "From Russia to Russia" and can be useful not only as informative, but also when preparing for exams in history.

And we made a section for the rest - Kinozal. Here you can always relax and devote a few minutes to pleasant viewing of small musical sketches.

Our project is a family one. Almost all the materials (photos and articles to them) were created by the head of the family, Vladimir Prokofiev. Accordingly, we own the copyright to all site content. Site development is Sergey Prokofiev, son. And the modest role of mastermind went to Tatiana Prokofieva, Vladimir’s wife and Sergey’s mother.