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Photo film as a gift

Those who have already visited our site probably noticed that all the video clips in the "Video" section made on the basis of photos that are posted in the "Photo" section and, as they say now, they felt the difference. Even a simple musical slide film, i.e. a consistent display of photographs. one after another without any effects, but with appropriate music perceived much more interesting than viewing them in the gallery, even using some kind of slider.

But when creating a slide film, you can use fine-tuning each frame, that is, to form for it the appropriate substrate, add effects transitions, captions and captions, insert video fragments and voice the voice accompanying and thus create a full-fledged film where you yourself will and director, and operator, and, perhaps, will play and the main role.

Today, each of us, well, or very many, got digital cinema-photo-equipment and learned how to press a button. Someone gets better, someone gets worse, but in principle, everyone does something. That's just a very quick question arises, and what to do with this "something". Well, 90% of this “something” goes for scrap, but the remaining 10% is sometimes a pity to be thrown away, but it’s also hard to carry with you. suitcase without a handle.

We offer the creation of a video clip as a pen. Randomly hundreds of your photos piled up in a heap, we unite by this or that principle - by event, by time, by actors, and so on, and packaged in the film. As a result, we have a film library.

It is especially pleasant to make such a film as a gift - to friends from school, grandmother, mother ...

So, you send us your photos, and we send you a movie!

Technical details

1. For simplicity, for the beginning, you simply contact me to understand what you want, for example, through a mailbox. CLOAKING or via Skype vladimirprokz2009.

2. The format of the film is standard. For viewing on a TV is ".mpg", and for viewing on a computer is ".exe"

3. It is also best to exchange data via Skype or through a file sharing service. You can number your photos so that they appear in order, and make explanatory notes to each of them or to the group. You can also send your music or voice in the form of audio files of the “mp3” format, or you can leave the choice of music at our discretion.

4. If you have accumulated old, already printed photos, or slides, or negatives (black and white or color), you can send them by mail. We will digitize them, that is, we will scan them, and in the same way we will make a film out of them. Originals are returned by mail.

5. Approximate deadline - week.

6. There are enough clips on the site, but especially for you, we post a couple more on YouTube. Just to demonstrate options for possible scenes and their implementation. To start, click on the picture.

7. The cost of a simple film (without voice and text) - from one hundred rubles per minute, complex - up to 1000

Wedding Walk in the park