Temples, churches, monasteries. History through architecture.

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For travel agencies and just an amateur

Revive your website

These are samples of video clips that you can order for your site:

Dear Colleagues! With the modern level of informatization your site is your face!

If it is covered with a network of wrinkles from flickering advertising banners and variegated text scales, which can not be discerned, and through a magnifying glass - this is bad.

The vast majority of the world's population are visuals and for them it is always better to see once than to hear many times. It's good!

We offer you the production of commercials that will profitably “revive” your site. This will give it originality and charm and will undoubtedly serve the development of your business.

You can choose a set of photos for a flash movie in the Photos section of our site, or provide your photos.

"Heavy" by weight (70-100 MB) and low-quality videos taken by amateur video cameras Do not decorate your page. If you post them on YouTube, it will lead a potential client and he may get lost in the Internet.

Our music-voice animated slide films, light in weight (5-10 MB) and graceful by execution, they will merge in ecstasy with your website and “tie” the client to it. Think for yourself, decide for yourself ...

On average, the cost of 1 minute of flash animation in our performance will be 100 rubles.

For more information, write:

P.S. For the manufacture of high-quality video, our operator can participate in the tours you offer.